The winter season is soon approaching here in New Mexico but that doesn't mean your lawn and landscape maintenance tasks come to an end for the year! On the contrary, you need to continuously maintain them, not just for looks but for plant health, too. To do this, you'll want to control any existing weeds, mow your lawn, trim your plants, and refresh your rocks. These four maintenance tasks are essential for keeping your entire property pristine and in its best shape year-round.

Weed Control Is Necessary for Maintaining a Weed-Free Yard

Not only do weeds drag down the curb appeal of your yard, but they also steal vital nutrients away from your grass and plants for themselves. Because of this, even though winter is on its way, weed control is necessary for maintaining a weed-free property. The best way to eliminate these pesky plants is with post-emergent weed control treatments, which are applied directly to any existing growth so that it seeps into the soil and kills it at its roots. However, you can also manually pull them by hand, though you'll want to ensure you remove the entire weed so that anything leftover doesn't lead to new growth. Whether they're on your lawn, between your rocks, or in your landscape beds - you don't want to take a break from weed control, as they can take over otherwise.

Continuously maintaining your lawn and landscape through the fall and winter months offers many benefits, some of which include healthier plants and early detection of potential issues.

Mowing your lawn will keep it manicured and healthy.

Another maintenance task you don't want to take a break from just because winter is coming is lawn mowing. Mowing your lawn will keep it at an ideal height, stimulating healthy growth and making it look manicured and pristine. The last thing you want is for your grass to go into winter messy and not in its best shape, especially since it goes dormant during this time, so you'll want to continue routine maintenance to ensure that doesn't happen.

Trimming Your Plants Will Help Them Transition Into Winter in Great Shape

Although winter is coming, you don't want to stop trimming your plants! Trimming involves removing excess foliage and stray branches that make them look unruly to enhance their shape and visual appeal. However, it also increases airflow and allows more sunlight to reach other parts of your plants, which are resources essential to their health. As a result, they will transition into winter in great shape.

Another important recurring maintenance task is blowing debris off of your walkways, driveway, and other surfaces. This keeps your property looking pristine!

Refreshing your rocks will keep your landscape well-maintained going into winter.

Refreshing your rocks is an essential maintenance task that will keep your landscape well-maintained going into the winter season. After all, they can start to look worse for wear over time, so moving them around by raking them will give them a fresh appearance. You can also go a step further and add a new layer of rocks atop the existing ones to help give your yard a revitalized look!

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