Mowing patterns in a lawn after service performed in El Paso, TX.

Lawn Mowing In The Las Cruces, NM & El Paso, TX Areas

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Lawn Mowing in Las Cruces & Mesilla, NM, El Paso, TX & Nearby Areas

We follow good lawn mowing practices like rotating mowing patterns and adjusting our mower deck height to correctly cut your grass.

Lawn mowing is an essential, yet time-consuming, task to keep your grass uniform and pristine. Check lawn mowing off your to-do list for good and let us handle it! Here at Extreme Landscaping, we offer our lawn mowing service weekly or bi-weekly depending on the needs of your grass. When we come to mow your lawn, we're sure to follow good mowing practices like rotating our mowing patterns and adjusting our lawn mower's deck height to cut your grass correctly. Our lawn mowing service is included in our bigger maintenance package which includes services like shrub pruning, landscape bed maintenance, and rock refreshing.

We offer our lawn mowing service to homes, businesses, and HOAs in and around Las Cruces, Mesilla, NM, and El Paso, TX. Call us today at (575) 652-3605 to get started!

Our Lawn Mowing Service Schedule

Mowing patterns in a lawn after service in Las Cruces, NM.

Depending on your grass type and the time of year, your grass may grow super fast and need constant attention, or it may grow slowly and not need tons of care. That’s why we offer both weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing service schedules. You decide how often you want us to cut your grass and care for your property, and if you're not sure which one to go with, we can make recommendations based on your lawn's grass type.

If you're signed up for our bi-weekly plan but your grass grows rapidly during the growing season, by request, we can come out and mow your lawn during the regularly scheduled off weeks to make sure your grass is constantly maintained and looks manicured.

We will string-trim, edge your grass, and blow debris off of hardscapes with every visit.

When we come to mow your lawn, we follow good mowing practices.

Our team makes sure they follow good lawn mowing practices to ensure that they maintain the health and beauty of your turf. We make sure that with every visit, we rotate the mowing pattern. This prevents ruts in your soil and keeps your grass standing straight up instead of leaning over. We can also change the lawn mower’s deck height based on the type of grass you have on your lawn so we cut it to the proper, healthy height.

We can bag the grass clippings from the lawn mower by request.

Our Lawn Mowing Service Is Part of Our Maintenance Program

Hedge being trimmed in landscape in Mesilla, NM.

We want to make sure your lawn and landscape are pristine and beautiful throughout the year, which is why we offer our lawn mowing service as part of our comprehensive maintenance program. With every visit, we’ll perform several routine maintenance services to ensure that your property stays neat, tidy, and healthy. Along with lawn mowing, we include the following services in our maintenance package:

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Keep your grass manicured with our lawn mowing service! Our team here at Extreme Landscaping will ensure that your lawn is always uniform and pristine throughout the year so your grass stays healthy and your property looks fantastic. We offer our lawn mowing service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Las Cruces, Mesilla, and nearby areas in New Mexico. We also offer our services in and around the El Paso, TX, area. Call us today at (575) 652-3605 to sign up for our lawn mowing service!

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