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Lawn Fertilization In The Las Cruces, Mesilla, Sunland Park, NM Areas

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Lawn Fertilization Service in Las Cruces, Mesilla, Sunland Park, NM & Nearby Areas

Our Signature Package includes fertilization, weed control treatments, and liquid aeration!

Fertilizing your lawn is vital to give it the nutrients it needs to thrive, and our team at Extreme Landscaping is here to do that for you! We offer a Signature Package, where we'll routinely nourish your turf from March until September. What's more, this package also includes weed control treatments and liquid aeration! We even utilize our specially blended liquid fertilizer at certain times, then granular applications for others to accommodate its needs. If you want to go the extra mile for your lawn, we offer grub control and sulfur treatments as add-ons to keep grubs from damaging it and balance your soil's pH.

At Extreme Landscaping, our mission is to enhance your property and elevate your life. Our lawn fertilization service is available to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Las Cruces, Mesilla, Sunland Park, NM, and other nearby areas.

Our Lawn Fertilization Schedule

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At Extreme Landscaping, we want what's best for your lawn, and we've structured our Signature Package to ensure it has everything it needs to bolster healthy and beautiful grass growth. This 7-step program goes from March until September and includes fertilization treatments, pre- and post-emergent weed control, and even liquid aeration! Our lawn fertilization schedule is as follows:

  • Round 1 (March): During this visit, we'll apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent weeds from surfacing and eliminate any existing growth on your lawn.
  • Round 2 (April): We'll apply the first fertilization treatment to supply much-needed nutrients to your turf. This treatment also doubles as liquid aeration to loosen compacted soil and help those nutrients reach its roots. Then, we'll administer post-emergents to kill surfaced weeds.
  • Round 3 (May): This visit includes another fertilization application to replenish your lawn's nutrients and build up its strength in preparation for the summer.
  • Round 4 (June): We'll administer a fertilization treatment that doubles as liquid aeration to keep your grass in optimal condition. We also offer an optional grub control treatment at this time.
  • Round 5 (July): Our team will provide another fertilization and liquid aeration treatment to ensure it has access to all the nourishment it needs to survive the summer. We'll also utilize pre- and post-emergent applications to tackle weeds.
  • Round 6 (August): We'll fertilize your lawn for a final time to help it recover and prepare it for the fall and winter seasons. This round also includes an optional grub control treatment.
  • Round 7 (September): Our last visit includes a post-emergent treatment to kill any existing growth.
  • Round 8 (October): To round out the year, we offer an optional sulfur application.

We'll provide detailed instructions on how you can keep your pets safe and when to water your lawn after our fertilization visits.

We use our specially blended liquid fertilizer and granular applications for your lawn.

We've had 10 years of experience fertilizing lawns in our area, so we know when to deliver nutrients to your grass quickly or gradually over an extended period. Because of this, we use our specially blended liquid fertilizer during the second, fourth, and fifth rounds to provide fast-acting nourishment and encourage rapid growth and green-up. Then, our team utilizes granular fertilizer during the third and sixth rounds to gradually release nutrients over time. That way, it can have a consistent supply even in between applications.

We Offer Grub Control & Sulfur Applications as Add-Ons to Our Lawn Fertilization Service

Damage in a lawn due from grub infestation in El Paso, TX.

While our lawn fertilization service is just what you need to encourage healthy grass growth, tackle pesky weeds, and improve nutrient access to your turf's roots, you can go the extra mile and take advantage of our add-ons!

  • Grub Control: We offer grub control treatments as an add-on in June and August. You can choose whether you want one or two applications to keep grubs from damaging your lawn. But wait, that's not all - these treatments are also effective against other plant and grass-feeding insects like armyworms, cutworms, mole crickets, and more!
  • Sulfur Application: You can add a sulfur treatment to our lawn fertilization service, which we'll apply in October to correct alkaline soil by lowering its pH to a more balanced level.

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It's time to bring your dream lawn full of vibrant, green grass to fruition - with our lawn fertilization service! At Extreme Landscaping, our mission is to enhance your property and elevate your life! We offer fertilizer treatments to residential and commercial properties, along with HOAs, in Las Cruces, Mesilla, Sunland Park, NM, and other surrounding areas. We'll give your turf everything it needs, from nutrients and protection against weeds to keeping the soil loose so resources can reach its roots. Call us at (575) 652-3605 to schedule our lawn fertilization service today!

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