As the weather becomes chilly and the growing season slowly comes to an end, it's time to start getting your lawn in New Mexico ready for the winter! A great way to protect your lawn and landscape from the winter weather is by investing in weed control treatments. Pre- and post-emergent weed control are two types of weed control treatments that you want to apply in the fall. Pre-emergent treatments prevent weed growth so they never become an issue on your lawn in the first place, while post-emergent treatments tackle existing weeds that are stealing nutrients from your grass. Aside from these weed control treatments, you also want to take advantage of sulfur treatments to keep the pH level of your soil balanced and improve your lawn's nutrient uptake.

What are the two types of weed control?

The two types of weed control are pre- and post-emergent weed control. Pre-emergent weed control treatments are designed to prevent weeds from sprouting on your lawn. It does this by coating the soil with the product and inhibiting further growth of any newly germinated weeds that come into contact with the treatment. Pre-emergent treatments are a reliable method of ensuring that most weeds don't sprout on your lawn in the first place, keeping them from ever becoming an issue. Correct timing is crucial when administering pre-emergent weed control treatments so you effectively get ahead of the growth of weeds.

Meanwhile, post-emergent weed control treatments target existing weeds on your lawn. This type of weed control should be administered several times a year to continually tackle pesky weeds that are popping up on your turf.

Why should you use both pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments in the fall?

If you want to ensure your grass is well-protected from the winter weather, you want to use both pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments in the fall. Applying pre-emergent treatments in the fall allows you to get ahead of winter weeds that would otherwise make an appearance on your lawn during dormancy. It also prevents most weed growth throughout fall, allowing your grass to maximize available nutrients for stronger growth before it goes dormant. Meanwhile, applying post-emergent treatments in the fall provides another layer of defense before winter against pesky weeds that may have emerged on your turf. Keeping weeds off your lawn in the fall is crucial to improve its health and ensure its survival during dormancy.

Let lawn care professionals administer weed control treatments for the best results.

Go the extra mile for your grass and invest in a sulfur treatment.

While weed control treatments are essential in helping your grass gear up for the winter weather, you can take things up a notch in terms of protection by adding a sulfur treatment to your fall lawn care plan. Sulfur treatments help restore the soil's balanced pH levels, improving your lawn's nutrient uptake. When the soil is too acidic, the roots of your lawn will be unable to absorb vital nutrients necessary for robust growth. By applying sulfur treatments in the fall, more nutrients will become available for your grass, giving it a better chance to survive winter.

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