Fall is upon us and we here at Extreme Landscaping want nothing more than to make sure your lawn is held to the highest standards. We pride ourselves in being able to make your life a little easier, by the amazing work we do.

Even if you aren't a customer with us yet, we're here to help out all you DIYer's!

Consider these lawn maintenance tips:

Consider winterizing your irrigation system – Contact us to see if getting your irrigation system winterized is a right choice for your lawn. You may need to hand water once or twice but that that is definitely better than to have your lawn dug up in the spring because of busted pipes!

Edge the lawn during final mowing – Talk to our professionals at Extreme Landscaping about edging your lawn during their final mow of the season. This will keep your lawn looking neat and clean through the winter.

Work on the weeds – Fighting them now will pay off next season with fewer weeds at startup. *Reminder* weed control does not apply to just the lawn but to rock areas as well.

Clean up – Clean up any fallen leaves.

Consider aeration – Contact us at Extreme Landscaping to see if aeration is right for your turf-grass.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, or would like to schedule your estimate give us a call at Extreme Landscaping (575) 652-3605.