If you're a property owner in New Mexico, you'll want to ensure that your lawn has the proper amount of sulfur to ensure the pH level of your soil is balanced. So, you'll want to keep an eye on your lawn to look for any signs that could indicate it could benefit from a soil treatment. Two of the most common indications that your lawn is deficient in sulfur are if your grass blades are turning light green or yellow or if your grass isn’t growing at its normal rate. To properly determine whether your lawn requires a sulfur treatment, it's best to perform a soil test. If the soil test indicates that your lawn could benefit from a sulfur treatment, you should apply it in the late fall to help your grass absorb the nutrients it needs to make it through winter dormancy.

Signs Your Lawn Needs a Sulfur Treatment

There are a couple of signs that you can be on the lookout for that can indicate that your lawn is suffering from a sulfur deficiency and could benefit from a sulfur treatment. The first clear indication that your turf may require a sulfur treatment is if your grass blades are turning light green or yellow. This color change usually indicates that your turf lacks the necessary amount of nitrogen, one of the essential nutrients that promote healthy, vibrant growth. When your grass does not receive enough nitrogen, it will start to exhibit symptoms like yellowing or light-green coloring, hence the need for a sulfur treatment.

Another indicator that may suggest your lawn needs a sulfur treatment is if your grass isn’t growing at its normal rate. Slow or stunted growth is often caused by a lack of essential nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Without these vital elements, your grass will struggle to grow robustly and efficiently. A sulfur treatment will help to balance the pH level of your soil so that it can absorb the necessary nutrients needed to promote strong and rapid growth.

Always do a soil test before administering a sulfur treatment.

Before applying any type of fertilizer treatment to your lawn, it is always recommended to conduct a soil test first. A soil test will determine the exact nutrient levels in your soil, allowing you to identify any deficiencies in your lawn’s health. By knowing exactly what your lawn needs, you can tailor the fertilizer treatment accordingly. In the case of sulfur, a soil test will reveal whether your soil currently contains enough amounts of sulfur. If the results show that your soil is deficient in sulfur, then it is time to apply a sulfur treatment to replenish those levels.

Apply a sulfur treatment in the late fall.

The ideal time for applying a sulfur treatment is in the late fall. This is because your lawn will benefit from the balanced pH levels provided by the sulfur treatment as it prepares for winter. A balanced pH level ensures your soil is in optimum condition to absorb the nutrients it needs to survive the harsh winter season. With sufficient amounts of nutrients, your lawn will have a better chance of surviving the cold weather and emerging healthier in the spring.

October tends to be the best month to apply sulfur treatments.

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