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Professional Lawn & Landscaping Services in Vinton, TX

Our services include lawn fertilization, weed control, yard cleanups, leaf removal, irrigation repairs, patio installations, and more!

Vinton is a village located in El Paso County, TX. It is home to just over 2,700 residents and offers small-town charm and big-city opportunities. There are several parks here where you can go to unwind, including Dr. Howard Applegate Park and Mariposa Park. If you don't mind taking the short drive over to El Paso, you can visit places like the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens and the El Paso Museum of Art.

At Extreme Landscaping, we offer our professional lawn and landscaping services to property owners in Vinton. Our services include lawn fertilization, weed control, yard cleanups, leaf removal, irrigation repairs, patio installations, and more. Call us at (575) 652-3605 to schedule any of our services.

Want a healthy, vibrant, and beautiful lawn? Then sign up for our lawn care services!

Your lawn requires a lot of time, effort, and TLC to stay healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. At Extreme Landscaping, we offer all the lawn care services you'll need to achieve the lush, green lawn of your dreams.

  • Lawn Fertilization: We offer a fertilization program designed to provide your turf with the nutrients it needs to thrive throughout the year.
  • Weed Control: Our team uses pre-emergent weed control treatments to prevent weeds from sprouting above the surface, and post-emergent treatments to eliminate any existing growth on your lawn.
  • Aeration: We offer both core aeration and liquid aeration services. Both of these services are designed to loosen compact soil and create better nutrient access for the roots of your grass.
  • Overseeding: Increase the overall thickness of your lawn with our overseeding service!
  • Lawn Disease Control: Our curative lawn disease control treatments will stop fungi from spreading to the rest of your lawn.
  • Grub Control: We offer preventative and curative grub control treatments to protect your lawn from these root-munching pests.

If you want to establish a new lawn, we offer new lawn seeding, sod installation, and artificial turf options!

Keep Your Property Looking Its Best With Our Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Services

Keeping your lawn and landscape neat and tidy takes a lot of work, but not when you enlist our help! We offer everything you need to maintain the appearance of your property so it always looks its best. The landscaping and lawn maintenance services that we offer in Vinton, TX, are as follows:

  • Plantings & Softscapes: We can install landscape beds on your property or renovate your existing ones, and then we can fill them with beautiful plants.
  • Trimming & Pruning: Our trimming and pruning service includes regular visits to keep your plants healthy and neatly manicured.
  • Leaf Removal: We can remove leaves from your yard so they can't drag down your curb appeal.
  • Yard Cleanups: Keep your property neat and tidy by signing up for our yard cleanup service.
  • Rock Installation: We can add rocks to your landscape beds or spread them across your entire lawn!
  • Lawn Mowing: Our lawn mowing service can be scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Landscape Bed Weed Control: Keep your landscape beds free of weeds by signing up for this service.
  • Landscape Lighting: We use high-quality, LED lights for our landscape lighting systems.
  • Shrub Care Services: Keep your shrubs nourished and protected from diseases and insects with our shrub fertilization and disease and insect control treatments.
  • Drainage & Grading: We can grade your property and install various drainage features such as French drains, pipe drains, and gutters.

We Can Install Patios, Walkways, Driveways, & Other Hardscape Features

If you want to add hardscape features to your property, then we're the ones to call! We can design and install patios, walkways, driveways, and other hardscape features so that you can enjoy your outdoor space even more. We offer the following services to property owners in Vinton, TX:

  • Patios: Enjoy your outdoor living space with a beautiful new patio!
  • Walkways: Make navigating your property easier than ever with a sturdy walkway!
  • Driveways: Increase your curb appeal by adding a stunning new driveway to your property.
  • Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces: Enjoy your outdoor space during colder months by adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to your property!
  • Outdoor Steps: We can add outdoor steps to your property using attractive and durable materials.

Our Irrigation Services

At Extreme Landscaping, we can perform various irrigation services that you can take advantage of to keep your plants hydrated and your irrigation systems in good condition. The irrigation services that we offer to property owners in Vinton, TX, include:

  • Irrigation Installation: We can install either a sprinkler or drip irrigation system on your property.
  • Irrigation Repairs: We can repair various parts of irrigation systems, including controllers, pumps, pipes, valves, backflow prevention devices, and more.
  • Irrigation Winterization: We will properly shut down your irrigation system for the winter to prevent it from being damaged due to freezing temperatures.
  • Irrigation Startups: In the spring, we will reactivate your irrigation system to get it back online.

Call us today to schedule any of our lawn and landscaping services!

If you're looking to improve your property, look no further than our team at Extreme Landscaping. We offer a variety of top-notch lawn and landscaping services to property owners in Vinton, TX. Give us a call at (575) 652-3605 to schedule any of our services today!

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