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Why should you choose us?

Extreme Landscaping specializes in repairing leaks, updating old irrigation systems, replacing irrigation valves, replacing timers/controllers, repairing drip and sprinkler systems, troubleshooting wiring issues, low pressure and irrigation seasonal tune-ups, leak detection inspections.   

Our experienced team has installed and repaired thousands of systems and have encountered almost every issue. We have the experience to design, install, troubleshoot and repair any irrigation system. 




Whether you need a new system or upgrade to your current system, we can assist you!



Let our experienced technicians handle your repair. Big or small, the job will be fixed the first time!

Maintenance Package


No more repairs. No more timers. No more frustrations. Let us take care of your irrigation system. See below for plan details. $25 per month!

Maintenance Package

What is included in a maintenance agreement?

An Irrigation System Maintenance Agreement provides monthly site visits. 


$75 Initial Inspection (Discounted from $115)

$25 per month (9 months - March through November)

**First $10 in materials are covered under the plan**

The following services are performed during a  maintenance agreement:

  • Complete inspection of irrigation system
  • Manually run each zone
  • Check all sprinkler heads and drip emitters for adequate lawn and landscaping coverage
  • Replace filter screens in spray heads if needed
  • Clean grass out from around each sprinkler head if needed
  • Adjust sprinkler heads as needed
  • Check all shrub zones for adequate watering
  • Set irrigation timer for proper municipality watering restrictions
  • Check solenoid valves
  • Inspect water source

Additionally, anyone participating in scheduled maintenance service agreement will not be charged a service call fee for any other irrigation services needed outside of their regularly scheduled maintenance services, only labor and material. This is up to an $70 savings per visit.

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